What is Simply Justified?

You need a video production company that will help you inspire your viewers and achieve your ambitions. You’re growing your side hustle into a brand that deserves attention and in doing so, you need to ensure you’re getting bounding creativity AND excellent value for money. That’s where we come in.

We are Simply Justified – the video production company for start-ups, entrepreneurs & SMEs.


The Simply Justified Vision

From commercials to documentaries, fashion shows, conferences and product launches – Simply Justified has the experience to bring a fresh, original look to your brand.

Our Vision
Value for Money - Video Production
Our Client Commitment

Unrivalled Value For Money

Our video production services include strategy & concept development, script writing, sourcing talent, filming, video editing and we can also assist with the marketing strategy too. Your high-definition video will be creative, aesthetically beautiful and will generate results, without breaking the bank.



Simply Justified combines the budget-friendly passion and nimbleness of freelance videographers with the business acumen, knowledge and security of a large corporate entity.

Creating your brand identity
Briefing Communication
What makes Simply Justified unique?


  • Free consultation
  • Transparent pricing to suit all budgets
  • All video shoots are covered by £2m public liability insurance
  • Option for “white label” production (We can work under/as YOUR brand)
  • Personal online storage to access content for 6 months
  • Multiple payment options, including card, Paypal and Direct Debit

Corporate Videos

From HR and recruitment videos to testimonials and case studies, our corporate video production team makes things happen. The videos we create generate leads, promote customer advocacy and make people absolutely want to do business with you!

Brand Commercials

Perfect for social media or Kickstarter campaigns, our brand videos will present your company at its very best – telling your customers and prospects what your brand stands for and why they should choose you. They evoke emotions and build trust, while being snappy and to the point. They showcase your products, elevate your brand, attract interest and give you the edge, even against established competitors.

Event Coverage

When you’re organising an event, you need your event video team to run a slick production process and be your ultimate brand ambassadors – Simply Justified brings its experience and uncompromising professionalism to your event, taking high quality video, editing and delivery to you. For over a decade Simply Justified has filmed fashion shows, seminars, fireside chats & even nightlife content such as concerts and festivals. When making an occasion a lasting memory — or an effective marketing tool — you need an experienced professional you can trust!

Full Service Video Production

Whether it’s a short film or full-length feature, live-action video involves filming real people, places and things, so you’ll need a crew: someone to direct, someone to work the camera, someone to hold the boom mic etc. The size of the team depends largely on your budget: if you want to go all-out, we’d love to work with that; if you prefer to keep it lean, we can handle that too. The final stage is post-production where we organise the video’s narrative – colour-grade it, perform some routine quality checks, and attach the voiceover, music and sound.